Why did the ‘Skater Girl’ outfit get so hot?

The top ten skater-inspired outfits on the runway from the runway of the Fashion Week 2017 in Paris.


Tunde Adebimpe’s outfit The black and gold print of the ‘Tunde’ adidas Tundo, which is the brand’s latest iteration, looks as stylish as it sounds.

This is a high-end piece that has been made for a specific season.

Tango is one of the best-known brands of the fashion world and its designers are well-known for creating timeless pieces.


Alyssa Milano’s outfit From the designer of the “Allure” collection, Alyssah Milano has done a great job of keeping her outfits very modern.

This black and red turtleneck, black jeans and red and white sneakers look stunning.


Alessandra Ambrosio’s outfit Another Italian designer who makes great, high-fashion pieces, Alessandra’s ‘Flaming Angel’ outfit is one she is always on the lookout for.

A bright, bright red dress with black and white stripes is one way to keep her in the spotlight.


Elle Macpherson’s outfit This time, the designer has brought out the reds and pinks of her outfits for a more contemporary look.

She has worn the same look to the runway during the runway show at New York Fashion Week.


Yolanda Adams’ outfit A look that is definitely a throwback to a simpler time for fashion, Yol, the star of the series ‘Shake It Off’, has opted for the ‘Sleeping Beauty’ silhouette.

This short-sleeved dress has a more modern, high silhouette that is also flattering.


Anna Wintour’s outfit While Anna Wirts has been busy with her other projects, she hasn’t been keeping her clothes in the same vein as Anna.

This look has been done for a special occasion and is a very playful and whimsical look.


Lauren Conrad’s outfit Conrad is one person who has always had a passion for fashion and has been known for her bold, quirky style.

Her “Dance Dance” outfit was the inspiration behind this collaboration with Alessandra and she really went for it. 8.

Chloe Grace Moretz’s outfit For a more sophisticated look, Chloe Grace has chosen to go for a high style that has a bit of a retro look.

This red-and-gold dress has the right amount of glamour.


Kaley Cuoco’s outfit Cuoco, who is famous for her style, has been doing a great look on the “Dancing With the Stars” show.

This looks like it is going to be a great show for her.


Dania Soubry’s outfit It’s been a few years since Dania has done anything besides a classic “The Little Mermaid” gown.

This time she has brought back the glamour of her signature “Candy and Lush” collection.

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