‘Beautiful’ roller derby: The world’s best skaters of 2018

In the world of roller derby, the beauty is in the work.

In the heart of Los Angeles, Los Angeles Roller Derby, the women who make the sport what it is. 

It is in LORDF’s tiny little town of San Jose that the women of the league have their own art and their own brand. 

In the 1980s, LOREF was the only sport in the United States to feature roller derby in its official logo. 

The women are now known for the beauty that comes from the work they put into their sport. 

“We do things that are really important,” said LORDS skater and roller derby icon, Stephanie Kastner, who has skated with the team since 1998.

“I think that has helped us grow as a sport and as a company.” 

The skaters who skated on roller derby’s first two seasons are some of the best in the world. 

Kastner is the first woman to win a world title. 

She is also the only woman to do so in her first season. 

When LORD announced its first female professional skater in 1999, the team had no women in its ranks. 

That year, Lorena Fuchs, a native of Detroit, was the first skater to ever be named to the league’s All-Star team. 

After Fuchs and Kastners first seasons in 1999 and 2000, they each won championships. 

Today, the LORDEA skaters are a household name in L.A., with teams in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area. 

For the second year in a row, the LA Derby Dolls are on track to surpass the 500-goal mark. 

LORDF was founded in 2002 and has become a powerhouse in the city of Los Feliz, a thriving city in Northern California. 

Since its founding, LORENas roller derby team has won five championships and earned five All-Stars, including one in 2016. 

As of late, LorDF is the only women’s roller derby league in the U.S. to feature female professional athletes. 

While the league is based in Los Felis, the Los Angeles Derby Doll Girls are based in Anaheim, Calif. 

On the field, Loringa is a force of nature. 

During her second season, the Dixie Dancer took home the 2017 NWSL Women’s Championship. 

Now, Lora is a national sensation and has the chance to compete for her first ever NWSL Championship, as well as be part of the 2018 NWSL All-Tournament team.

The LORDA roller derby girls are on their way to becoming the first female skaters in North America to win an All-America title.

“I love playing roller derby,” said Kastler.

“We play the game with a lot of passion.

It is my favorite sport to be in.” 

Lorena says she enjoys the camaraderie the women have in roller derby. 

This year, the girls will face off against their rival, the Skate Queens of San Francisco. 

They are the only female teams to win the All-American title and two NWSL titles in a year. 

If the LA Dolls can reach the 500 goal mark this season, they will become the first team to do that in Loringas history. 

Ahead of the upcoming season, Lors team is also preparing for the 2019 season.

They have set goals to build a stronger team, including bringing in a new skater coach, introducing a new league format, and creating new opportunities for girls to compete.

For LORdf, there are no shortcuts. 

There are no easy victories.

There is no easy games.

It’s just hard work, commitment, and a great sense of pride in what you do. 

But the LA derby Dolls, the pride they carry in their backsides and the dedication they show to each other, is what makes them special. 

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