Why Hockey’s biggest star has an unusual hobby

Hockey players can be seen as the epitome of what Australian fans call “frugality” and “compassion”.

But they’re also known for their penchant for spending big, and the latest figures from the Australian Hockey League (AHL) suggest their fans might be willing to pay extra to see them in action.

The A-League’s annual fan survey, conducted by online marketing agency Datalogic, found that the average NHL season ticket holder spends about $1,000 on the game, with the average price tag for the cheapest season ticket package at $844.

It’s an average, however, as many of the tickets are reserved for one particular season.

For the season ticket holders in the top 50% of the league’s fan base, the average cost of attendance was $1.3 million, with a total of 11,788 fans attending a game.

For those in the bottom 50% — the players — the average ticket cost was $936.

Fans were also found to spend more on food and drink than other fans, with an average price of $521.

While the average season ticket price for the average player is $849, the cost of food and beverage was a whopping $4,079.

Hockey players have also become more affluent over the years, and now average ticket prices for the top-selling NHL players are $2.2 million.

The average player in the A-LEAGUE top 50, based on their season ticket purchases, is an average of $1 million, while the average for the lowest tier is $2,000.

The number of NHL players who have spent more than $1m in a season has increased dramatically over the past decade, with 10 players in the past four seasons being in the $1-million-plus club.

That’s up from just four in the first four seasons of the AEL, when there were only six.

The top-ranked player is Sidney Crosby, who has earned $973,400 over the course of the past six seasons, while fellow star Jaromir Jagr, who is $1 billion richer, has spent more in total than every other NHL player.

It seems to be a trend for the players, as there have been no players in their league who have made more than the league-leading $1million this year, which would be the highest total in the league.

A player in their top 50 can earn an average salary of $2 million and make almost as much money as the next man.

There’s a clear correlation between these high-priced players and a growing number of fans, but it’s not just the players.

“There are a lot of people who are paying money for the right to see these guys and the right people,” Hockey Australia CEO Michael Aylmer told the ABC.

“It’s a great time for them.

They’re the best in the world.

They want to see it. “

They’re passionate.

They want to see it.

While Aylmmer acknowledges the popularity of these players, he also noted that the ABL is struggling financially, with attendance down and TV revenue down over the last three years. “

You want the best out of your team and you want to get to the pinnacle of the game.”

While Aylmmer acknowledges the popularity of these players, he also noted that the ABL is struggling financially, with attendance down and TV revenue down over the last three years.

“The ABL needs to focus on their bottom line,” he said.

“We have to be mindful of what our bottom line is.”

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