How to fix the skater haircut

New Scientist article New Zealand is the first country in the world to require all skaters to get a skater hairstyle. 

The government has been encouraging skaters and skaters in general to wear the hairstyle for a few years now. 

But the government wants it to be compulsory. 

New Zealand skaters, especially those with short hair, have become a huge target for the criminal gangs that operate in the citys skater hotspot of Rotorua. 

In March, police were sent to a number of skaters for allegedly assaulting and robbing them. 

And on Saturday, the government also announced that skaters will have to wear hair extensions.

New Zealand’s police commissioner, Detective Inspector John Caulfield, said the decision to require hair extensions was partly a reaction to the gangs.

“What we’re doing is not just to prevent assaults on our people, but to actually put people in control of their lives and to stop the violence that we see,” he said.

But not everyone in New Zealand has welcomed the plan.

Richelle Smith, a New Zealand skater and founder of the Bridget Jones Foundation, which works with women affected by violence, said she was not happy with the plan to require the hair extensions for skaters.

Smith said the hairstyles had been worn by many New Zealanders for many years.

She said many women were just trying to look professional, and if they were forced to wear extensions they were going to feel less confident about themselves and others.

Ms Smith said the extension needed to be mandatory because she believed women should be allowed to make decisions for themselves and that it was a matter of life and death for some women.

Auckland Council said the proposal was not aimed at women who do not wear extensions.

“It is the Government that has made it mandatory, and we welcome that,” Council spokesperson Kate Fagan said.

“We are keen to see skaters have the freedom to dress as they wish, but we also want to see them feel confident about what they wear and how they dress.”

The Government said the policy would help combat street crime.

Police Commissioner Caulford said police would continue to encourage skaters and other people to dress professionally and safely.

The decision was welcomed by Rita Wong, a skaters spokesperson for the NZ Snowboarding Association, who said it was vital for skater women to be able to dress appropriately and have a confidence to themselves.

Skaters are one of the main reasons the sport is growing in New England, she said. 

“It’s a way for women to stand out from the crowd, it’s a different style of dress and it’s really fun.”

The Government also said it wanted to increase the number of female skaters on the skates in the future. 

It said it would be introducing legislation in the next year to require skaters with long hair to have a hair extension.

It said there were already mandatory hairstyles for female skater skaters that had been in place since 2006.

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