‘You can never skate with a skate helmet’: Parents say they can’t afford it

Skateboarding is back, albeit in a different form.

Parents are still reeling from the news that helmets are now mandatory in most sports in Australia.

But some parents say they don’t have the money to buy them.

Skateboarding was once a rite of passage for many Australian families, as they were encouraged to take part in the sport.

In the 1980s, when helmet use became more popular, the sport attracted more kids.

But now there are more kids participating in skateboarding than ever before, with more than 40 per cent of the nation’s 15-year-olds playing in a sport.

There’s a lot of talk around how to get the game back on track.

The National Sport Council says skateboarding is a great way to get involved and help kids.

“We have a strong base of parents that are very committed to this sport and it is one of the most successful sporting experiences in our society,” spokeswoman Rachel Dutton said.

“As well as supporting families, there is a strong community behind skateboarding.”

It’s one of those things that parents don’t want to lose and it’s a great opportunity to be a part of that.

“What parents can doSkateboard helmets have to be bought separately from your sport’s helmet, which costs about $400 to $500.”

You have to buy it separately to your sport,” Ms Dutton says.”

If you go to a skatepark, they’ll take the helmet off and give you a helmet that’s just like the sport helmet you’re wearing.

“But if you go out and you’ve got a skater helmet that is different from what you’re using on the skateboard, that will cost you.”

If you can’t get the helmet, you can also get a cheaper helmet.

For example, the Australian College of Sport Medicine recommends that children should get a helmet every time they skate because it reduces injury rates.

“In general, the more kids you have, the higher your likelihood of injury, particularly if they’re younger,” Ms Rennie says.

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