Teenager skates on a skateboard as part of her therapy

The girl is one of a growing number of young people who are embracing skating and the thrill of the sport.

A growing number are also practicing it for themselves.

The New York Times has dubbed these skaters “therapy skateers,” and many have become so popular that they’ve become household names.

While some skateboarders are kids themselves, others are parents, teachers or others working to bring a sense of safety and balance to a time when the public seems more interested in running errands and talking on cellphones than in the arts and crafts.

Some have found a niche, too.

A popular trend among the young skaters is to skate with a group of people they trust to give them a break from the stresses of their daily lives.

This past summer, a 17-year-old in Washington state and a 16-year old in New Jersey both took to the water at a lake in New York City.

After the pair landed safely on the water, the teen who had the support of a friend took off in the same direction, a different direction that took the teens about a half-mile away from the shore.

“It was a really cool moment to see the kids, not just kids, but adults on the shore, just trying to do it, and to see them doing it, even when it’s scary,” said the teen’s mother, who asked to remain anonymous.

Many of the skateboarding’s more experienced skaters are also looking for ways to help others.

A mother named Jessica has been skating with her daughter, Tamee, for about a month, and she said she feels like her daughter has learned something new about skateboarding.

She has been teaching Tamees tricks for years, and this summer she was able to give her daughter a new one that she has used for the first time.

When Tameee started skating, she was afraid of heights and had never been a good skater.

But she says that in the past, when she had to learn how to do tricks, she didn’t know how to skate.

So she started to skate like a normal person, without worrying about heights and without any tricks, which she was really afraid of.

And when I taught her these tricks, I think she got better at them.

Now she has good confidence and is getting better, too, she said.

One of the most common techniques for helping others skate is to have a group sit down to work on something.

And then the kids will sit down and play and try to do the same thing.

They are all on the same page, so they all want to work together and share ideas and tricks, said Jessica, who also practices her own techniques and has taught her daughter to skate a few tricks herself.

Tamee and Jessica said they had to do this when they were younger.

Jessica said that when she was in high school, she took her daughter shopping with her mom and dad, who worked in the food and retail industries.

Their first lesson was about how to use a shopping cart.

Now, they all skate together, and Jessica says Tameeeeee has learned that she is a better skater because she knows her mother.

But Jessica said she is still unsure if she can skate as well as her daughter if she did not have the support she has.

If I can’t skate, I will go back to what my mom taught me, she told The Washington Times.

I don’t want to feel like I’m doing the wrong thing or doing something wrong.

She wants to be able to skate more, and is doing the same things she used to do.

Her daughter has also become a regular participant in a group skating session called “We Got To Dance” at her home, where she is allowed to skate and hang out with friends.

Sometimes the group members take a break for a few minutes to relax, and Tameea and Jessica sometimes play with a friend or two.

During this time, Jessica says she also tries to practice a trick she has learned, which is a way to slip her arms behind her back, to get the kids’ attention and to let them know that she’s OK.

On her own, Taeee does not like to practice, she has said.

And she does not always have the patience to practice for hours.

But this summer, Tames daughter, who was just a toddler, had an idea for a skate.

She made her own board and called it a skate skateboard.

It’s the first skateboard she’s ever made.

I am so proud of my daughter for being able to do that, Jessica said.

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