How to remove ‘gorgeous’ ‘beautiful’ skin with a surf-tastic surf skater blade

It’s a simple process that will remove the most visible blemishes and give your skin a more natural appearance.

The surf-tail is a tool designed by surf-skater girl Sarah Kessels to get her skaters’ perfect hair done in a flash, without resorting to harsh chemical treatment.

‘It’s really just an extension of my natural hairstyle, it’s just a natural hair type that I use to cut my hair,’ she said.

‘And when you cut my natural hair, you basically get rid of the blemish, and you get rid a lot of that hair.’

The surf skaters have been experimenting with surf-tails for several years now, with Sarah Kastelaard having her first surf-tailed beauty treatment at the age of seven.

‘I really like the surf-tip, the shape it makes,’ she explained.

‘But when I’m trying to get my hair cut, I’ve always been trying to find a way to get a little bit of natural curl, so I really like that shape.’

After a little trial and error, Sarah found she had a great natural curl shape and used it on her hair for two months straight.

She said the surf tail helped to remove the majority of the hair that was left on her scalp, leaving just the hair around her jawline.

Sarah Kubeck has been using the surf skates for several months and says the results are very noticeable.

‘This is just a little piece of my hair that I’ve been working on, it really helps,’ she told ABC News.

‘The shape of the surf skate is very similar to the shape of my face, and I can just see my eyebrows, my chin and my nose.

‘To me, it just feels like the shape is there.’

Sarah’s natural hair colour is a result of her natural curls, she said, which are more pronounced in the head and neck area.

Sarah has already had her first haircut with a surfer-tail, and she says the beauty product really helped with the results.

‘Surf skates have been my main hair treatment tool for a while, and now it’s time for my second haircut,’ she admitted.

‘As long as I keep working with it, it will get better and better.’

You just have to use it and keep using it.

And if you don’t, it’ll get worse and worse.’

Surfer-tails are also available for men, with the brand offering a special brush for those with darker hair colour.

Sarah said she would never use the surf tails if they weren’t effective, and that they were not recommended for people with darker skin.

Sarah’s experience with the surf skirts was similar to those of others.

‘People are really happy with the product, they really like it, and people have said they love it, so it’s a really good product, and if you’re looking for a good product that’s not going to leave you looking like you have to take off your hair, then I wouldn’t recommend it,’ she laughed.

Sarah says she uses the surf skirt as a regular grooming product, but does find it works best on the head, shoulders and neck.

‘With my hair, it makes my face look fuller, and it also makes my hair look like it has more texture,’ she added.

‘So, I think for me, the surf board is a good everyday hair product.’

Sarah Kubecker’s first haircut is still to come, but she is already planning to continue using the product for the rest of her life.

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