How to tell if a person is a ‘champ’ or a ‘trash’

If you see a person that you feel you might be a ‘super hero,’ you should be careful.

If you see someone who seems super-hot, you might not be a super-hero.

But you might have an opportunity to be.

That’s because a new study published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences finds that, when comparing super-gifted athletes to non-athletes, some athletes are “more masculine” than other people.

“In other words, they have the traits of being dominant, aggressive, and confident,” said study author John J. Mascarenhas, an associate professor of sociology at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana.

“The implication is that people who are more masculine in their personality are better athletes than people who aren’t.”

The study, which analyzed the personality traits of 2,000 athletes, found that a “super-hero” (who is “super strong” or “super quick”) was significantly more likely to be a woman than an “average” male athlete.

A “trash” (which is not super-strong or quick) was more likely than an athlete to be “manly,” according to the study.

Researchers then looked at the gender differences in athletic prowess across all the variables used to measure athletic prowess.

They found that the strongest and strongest men tended to be women, and the weakest and weakest men tended, respectively, to be men.

This suggests that there are specific attributes that people like, and dislike, about certain types of athletes.

In the end, the study found that, “super heroes” were, on average, more masculine, and “trashed” were more feminine.

“If you want to be competitive and be good, you have to be masculine,” said Mascares.

“If you’re not masculine, you’re trash.”

The authors found that when looking at male athletes, the traits that predicted dominance, aggression, and dominance were “superman” and “superwoman.”

However, the personality trait of “manliness” was also significant for all of the other attributes.

The study also found that women who are super-powerful tended to have higher testosterone levels and lower testosterone levels than women who were less dominant.

The authors also found, however, that men who are “superheroes” are also more masculine.

They concluded that men’s and women’s athletic abilities are influenced by a number of variables, including their “femininity” and their ability to “focus” and have “a strong, independent streak.”

“Superheroes are more male, but they’re also more feminine,” said Dr. Mescarenhas.

“It seems that masculinity and femininity play a role in how they’re perceived.”

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